Ono Masataka (小野(おの) 正隆(まさたか)) was Kudou Fuyuka's biological father.


He had brown hair, brown eyes and has a light colored skin. He wore a white shirt with a green collar and a navy blue pant.


Masataka with his daughter

Masataka with his daughter.

He cared for his family a lot and seemed to be a man of justice, since he didn't want anyone to get hurt. He helped Daisuke escape with the cost of his life, showing that he fought for truth and justice.


Ono Masataka was Fuyuka's father. He died in a car accident when Fuyuka was very young. It is unknown whether the accident was Kageyama's doing or not.


Masataka trying to escape

Masataka before the accident.

In episode 102, it was revealed during a flashback that he was working under Kageyama but he didn't know what evil things Kageyama did. When he finally found out, he started helping with the escape of Endou Daisuke, Endou Mamoru's grandfather, but the one who caused his death is none other than the person manipulating Kageyama, Garshield. In the end, his death caused a trauma on Fuyuka but he was able to help escape Daisuke.



  • It is shown that Masataka was one of the rare characters to be able to read Daisuke's writing.
  • He really didn't appear in the series, he was only shown in a flashback since he was already dead.