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Occult Team
Japanese 尾刈斗中
Dub Occult Jr High
Captain Yuukoku Hiroyuki
Coach Jikiru Haito
Formation Ghost Dance
Game Inazuma Eleven
Anime Episode 004
Manga Chapter 4
Occult emblem

Occult (尾刈斗中) is a team introduced in the first game.


People say that there are rumours about this school. They say in the middle of the game, the opposing team will remain stiff. And after the game, they say that sometimes the opposing team members will get sick. This is due to the teams use of hypnotic suggestion to confuse and trick there opponents.

It is the first team Raimon played against after the defeat against Teikoku Gakuen and the only reason they wanted to play Raimon was because they heard they beat Teikoku. They were a participant in the Football Frontier. In the FF regional squarter finals, they lost to Shuuyou Meito.


They wear dark purple t-shirts with their school logo on the chest at the right in white. The shorts are a grey/purple colour with a dark purple strip running down the sides. They wear dark purple socks and to finish it off black boots with two white strips going across. The goalie's shirt is red, the collar is black and black v-neck can be seen. The stripes on the goalie's shirt are black. His shorts are also black as well as his socks. His shoes are red with two black stripes across. The captain's band is yellow.



Occult (Inazuma Eleven 3)

  1. Nata Juuzou (GK)
  2. Sanzu Wataru (DF)
  3. Yanagida Shigeru (DF)
  4. Furan Ken (DF)
  5. Shikabane Fujimi (DF)
  6. Reigen Michihisa (MF)
  7. Kinoi Mami (MF)
  8. Yatsuhaka Tataru (MF)
  9. Yuukoku Hiroyuki (FW/Captain)
  10. Tsukimura Kenichi (FW/MF)
  11. Burado Kiba (FW/MF)
  12. Fushi Matsuru (GK)
  13. Hitogata Gen (FW)
  14. Tsuburaya Michi (MF)
  15. Kurogami Noroi (MF)
  16. Makai Takao (MF)


Hissatsu Tactics


  • All of the players and coach are based on ghosts or monsters.


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