Nozaki Kaede (野咲(のざき) かえで), also known as Sakura's Mother (さくらはは), is the mother of Nozaki Sakura.


Kaede has fair skin, brown hair that is tied in a bun, and royal blue eyes.


She first appeared in episode 6 along with Sakura's father. They visited Sakura at Odaiba Soccer Garden because they were worried for her when she joined Inazuma Japan and said that they will be cheering for her on the next match between Big Waves. On the match between Big Waves, they were seen watching and cheering for her to show her ability to the world.

In episode 7, both of them were disappointed of Sakura's performance during the match. However, after Sakura broke through Suck Out, she was happy and started to cheer for her but was disappointed again when she passed the ball to Manabe and scored a goal. After the match ended with Inazuma Japan winning with 3-2, her husband was unsastified with the result but she said she had never seen Sakura smiled happily like that before.


Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy

At lvl. 99

  • GP: 111
  • TP: 136
  • Kick: 125
  • Dribbling: 104
  • Block: 100
  • Catch: 100
  • Technique: 78
  • Speed: 81
  • Stamina: 107
  • Lucky: 102
  • Freedom: 200


Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy

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Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy

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Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy



  • Sakura's parents are the only married couple who wear wedding rings.