Nosei emblem

Nose (野生, No-sè) , is one of the teams participating in the Football Frontier.


Their uniform is a green T-shirt with white streaks, blue collar and white team mark, fitted along with grayish blue shorts. Socks are white and green, and cleats are dark purple. The goalkeeper uniform is pinkish purple, long-sleeved with green streaks, green collar and white team mark, fitted along with gray shorts, white gloves, white socks and dark purple cleats. The captain's band is blue.


  1. Inokuchi Hyougo (GK) 

    Nose's formation.

  2. Torii Ryouta (MF/captain)
  3. Uosumi Takuto (DF)
  4. Kaeruda Tatsuhito (DF)
  5. Shishiou Kou (DF)
  6. Kame Reon (MF)
  7. Oowashi Seiji (MF)
  8. Saruta Noboru (MF)
  9. Gori Shingo (FW)
  10. Hebimaru Shouma (FW)
  11. Suizenji Chiita (FW)
  12. Ushio Kuuya (GK)
  13. Koara Noboru (MF)
  14. Pan Takeo (FW)
  15. Araigawa Kumami (DF) 
    Nose school

    Nose's school.

  16. Nezu Mitsuo (MF)


  • The team members of Nose seemed to have very little knowledge about modern technology, such as cars, as they have never seen one before.
  • All members of the team have many GP (Genki Points/Fitness Points) in the games, indicating their resemblance to animals.
  • In the manga, the captain is Suizenji Chiita.
  • They are all based upon animals.