Northen Fang emblem

Northern Fang (ノーザンファング, Nōzan Fangu) is a team that is exclusive to Inazuma Eleven GO: Dark, Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Raimei and Inazuma Eleven GO: Big Bang


They are encountered at Snowland Stadium in the GO game, and you fight them during a match.

In the Raimei version of the Chrono Stone game, they can be recruited at the Shogunate era.


  1. Zanma Shido (GK)
    Northen Fang upper formation

    Northern Fang upper formation.

  2. Ninba Tsukio (DF)
  3. Naraku Kouzou (DF)
  4. Ruri Kushina (DF)
  5. Kurata Nobuki (DF)
  6. Yamiyo Yamaki (MF)
  7. Kaku Mizuchi (MF)
  8. Rashou Nozomu (MF)
  9. Noma Tsuyuki (MF)
  10. Shie Bandou (FW)
  11. Shaza Sabaki (FW/captain)

Hissatsu Tactics

Inazuma Eleven GO


  • Northern Fang uses the black versions of the chess piece Keshin, while Southern Claw uses the white versions.
  • This team trained in the Antarctic before coming back, seeking to join Fifth Sector.

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