Nikolay Gagarin (ニコライ・ガガーリン, Nikorai Gagārin) is the coach of Storm Wolf


Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy

  • "The coach of Storm Wolf. He is a silent strategist who is calm, but shrewd.


Gagarin has pale skin and is tall in height, with a fairly muscular build. He has short, wavy dirty blond hair and he wears a mustache. Additionally, he has deep cheekbones and he wears blue rimmed glasses that completely hide his eyes. He also wears a white shirt under a khaki trench coat, coupled with a light teal tie.

His appearance (save for the glasses) probably was based on Vadim Abramov, the former Uzbekistan football national team coach.


He first appeared in episode 15 along with his team for their match against Inazuma Japan. Before the match started, he smiled smugly at Inazuma Japan's confidence.

In episode 17, he wore a nervous expression and looked down in disappointment after Storm Wolf lost. It was later revealed that he, and the rest of his team, were actually aliens assuming the appearance of Storm Wolf's actual players.

Coach effect

Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy

  • Power of defensive tactics decreased by 50.
  • Total TTP increased by 50.