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Neo Teikoku (ネオ帯国) is a game exclusive team.


They all wear Shin Teikoku Gakuen's second uniform. The shirt is a light khaki with dark green and red stripes. The shorts are a plain dark green, and the socks are khaki with red and green stripes. Cleats are colored in a dark purple. The goalkeeper wears a black shirt with orange and white stripes, dark gray shorts and khaki socks with black and orange stripes.


Inazuma Eleven 2

After finishing the story mode, this team can be challenged as the first team in Oumihara's coach's upper Taisen Route. All the members are at level 40.

Inazuma Eleven 3

This team can be challenged through a robot around the FFI area in the third game.


  1. Genda Koujirou (GK)
  2. Oono Densuke (DF)
  3. Gouin Takeshi (DF)
  4. Iyatani Kengo (DF)
  5. Taiya Rekito (DF)
  6. Fudou Akio (MF/captain)
  7. Henmi Wataru (MF)
  8. Doumen Shuuichirou (MF)
  9. Jimon Daiki (FW)
  10. Kidou Yuuto (MF)
  11. Sakuma Jirou (FW)


  • This is a combination of both Teikoku Gakuen and Shin Teikoku Gakuen.
  • This team has no reserves.
  • The colors of the uniform's shoulder stripes are inversed between the sprites and the ingame models.

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