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Neo Japan
Neo Japan IE 76 HQ
Japanese ネオジャパン
Dub Neo National
Captain Saginuma Osamu
Coach Kira Hitomiko
Formation NEO
Game Inazuma Eleven 3
Anime Episode 076
Neo Japan Emblem

Neo Japan (ネオジャパン) was a short-lived team created by Hitomiko and Saginuma Osamu, to challenge Inazuma Japan, Japan's representative team. It involves many of the old opponents of Raimon. There was a match between the two "still-to-be" national teams. Though Neo Japan had evolved many old moves and were made much stronger, they lost to Inazuma Japan. In the FFI, Saginuma sent Inazuma Japan a letter, giving them their support, but warned them that if they grew weak, he would challenge them again.


  1. Genda Koujirou (from Teikoku Gakuen) (GK)
  2. Narukami Kenya (from Teikoku Gakuen) (DF)
  3. Ishidaira Hanzou (from The Genesis) (DF)
  4. Gouin Takeshi (from Shin Teikoku Gakuen) (DF)
  5. Jimon Daiki (from Teikoku Gakuen) (DF)
  6. Shimozuru Arata (from Mikage Sennou) (MF)
  7. Kirigakure Saiji (from Sengoku Igajima) (MF)
  8. Yuukoku Hiroyuki (from Occult) (MF)
  9. Izuno Yuu (from The Genesis) (FW)
  10. Saginuma Osamu (from Epsilon) (MF/Captain)
  11. Segata Ryuuichirou (from Epsilon) (FW)
  12. Atsuishi Shigeto (from Prominence & Chaos) (MF/GK)
  13. Hera Tadashi (from Zeus) (DF)
  14. Mukata Tsutomu (from Kidokawa Seishuu) (FW)
  15. Demete Yutaka (from Zeus) (FW)
  16. Makiya Hiroshi (from Senbayama) (DF)

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