Nekketsu Punch (熱血(ねっけつ)パンチ, Nekketsu Panchi, lit. Hot-Blooded Punch) is a punching catch hissatsu technique.


Inazuma Eleven 2

  • "This special flaming punch requires a manly fist!"



Inazuma Eleven 2

Nekketsu Punch's manual can be bought in Nara's Hissatsu store for 150 Nekketsu Points.


The user punches the ball with a fiery fist to knock it away. Endou mostly used this hissatsu when he could not use God Hand, if the adverse shoot was too fast.

Its usage in the anime when used in Shin form is different from the traditional one. Instead of punching the ball, Endou caught it while it still had some power, and then hit the ground with his fist. It created flames which went out of the ground and set ablaze the user and the ball.



Nekketsu Punch saving Rococo

Endou using Nekketsu Punch to help Rococo.



Shin nekketsu punch 真熱血パンチ00:10

Shin nekketsu punch 真熱血パンチ

Nekketsu punch manga

Nekketsu Punch in the manga.


Nekketsu Punch in IE 3 The Ogre00:06

Nekketsu Punch in IE 3 The Ogre


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