Nashimoto Nonomi (梨本(なしもと) 乃々美(ののみ)) is a neighbour of Toramaru and a helper in his mother's restaurant.


She works with Toramaru in the restaurant. She always cheers the team up and does her best to make Toramaru happy.



Nonomi giving Inazuma Japan her lunch boxes.

She has a green eyes and wavy auburn hair, similar to Natsumi's, tied into a ponytail using a black bow. She wears a purple shirt, pink apron, and a white skirt. Sometimes she doesn't wear her apron, revealing an apple pattern, and white boots.


She acts as a big sister to Toramaru. She always supports and cheers up Toramaru whenever he has any problems pertaining to his mother. She often brings lunch boxes to the team to cheer them up and give them energy.


She makes Inazuma Japan's lunch, which was the first year's favourite. She also visited them in the FFI tournament. She appeared sitting next to Gouenji Yuuka in the last match in the FFI.


  • In the Japanese dub, she is Toramaru's neighbour, while in the English dub, she is his sister. Thus, they both have the same surname.