NEW Aoba (NEW青葉) is a game exclusive team in Inazuma Eleven GO.


They appear as the first team in the lower route of Geimu's Taisen Route. All the members are at level 44.


They wear the second uniform of Aoba.


  1. Shiyou Hanasaku (GK)
  2. Sometani Tsutaru (DF)
  3. Oomi Kunihiro (DF)
  4. Murasaki Yoshihiko (DF)
  5. Koba Toshinori (DF)
  6. Koiura Hajime (MF)
  7. Sumii Rei (MF)
  8. Aino Isami (MF)
  9. Sougetsu Nozomi (MF/captain)
  10. Shian Haseru (FW)
  11. Azu Ryuuichi (FW)
  12. Umeo Suzuto (GK)
  13. Asaga Nobuhiko (DF)
  14. Wakeru Kagehiro (MF)
  15. Hizu Takatoshi (DF)
  16. Oume Kenichirou (FW)

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