Miyabino Reiichi (雅野(みやびの) 麗一(れいいち)) is the goalkeeper for Teikoku.


Inazuma Eleven GO

  • "Powerful yet graceful saves are his trademark. His success rate is sublime."

Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone

  • "Powerful, graceful saves are his forte. His success rate is sublime."


Miyabino has light, bluish-gray hair with black eyes. His hairstyle is slightly similar to Fubuki Atsuya's, except Miyabino's hair is longer and more raised up.


At first he shows his personality to be overconfident as shown when he blocked Shindou's Fortissimo with only his hands, though later when it was revealed that the Resistance was in Teikoku, it was shown that he was actually nice, cares for soccer a lot and wants to play "real soccer" too.


Miyabino first appeared in episode 16 with his team. During the match between his team and Raimon in the Holy Road semi-finals, he was easily able to catch Shindou's Fortissimo with both hands. This demonstrated how high a level Teikoku was compared to Raimon.

Though afterwards, Tenma used Mach Wind to score a goal and Miyabino used Power Spike to block it but ultimately failed and it passed through the goal. Next, Shinsuke used Buttobi Jump and scored a goal once again, even though Miyabino used Power Spike. And finally, Tsurugi used Death Drop to finish the match and once again, Miyabino used Power Spike but wasn't able to block it yet again. His hissatsu, Power Spike wasn't able to block any shoot hissatsu used by Raimon in the end. Miyabino and his team ended losing by 3-2.

In episode 18, he appears alongside Sakuma when the team of Raimon went to go and meet Kidou. He thanked the members of Raimon for the match because they would be able to play real soccer from then on and for being able to get rid of all of the SEEDs that were in his team. He seems to be the most trusted person in Teikoku by Sakuma and Kidou.


Inazuma Eleven GO

In order to recruit Miyabino, the following requirements are needed:

After this, he can be scouted for an amount of 3240 Kizuna Points.


All stats are at level 99 and untrained.

  • GP: 136
  • TP: 174 (184)
  • Kick: 71
  • Dribbling: 83
  • Technique: 97
  • Block: 90
  • Speed: 99
  • Stamina: 85
  • Catch: 147
  • Lucky: 87

  • GP: 130
  • TP: 142 (152)
  • Kick: 68
  • Dribbling: 81
  • Block: 112
  • Catch: 141
  • Technique: 107
  • Speed: 100
  • Stamina: 112
  • Lucky: 94
  • Freedom: 75

  • GP: 133
  • TP: 147 (157)
  • Kick: 68
  • Dribbling: 81
  • Block: 112
  • Catch: 146
  • Technique: 123
  • Speed: 112
  • Stamina: 83
  • Lucky: 107

  • TP: 190
  • Kick: A
  • Guard: A
  • Body: A
  • Speed: A
  • Control: A
  • Catch: S


Inazuma Eleven GO

Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone

Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy

Inazuma Eleven GO Strikers 2013


Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone

Mixi Max

Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone

  • [MIXIMAX] Shuten (Gra Fa's route only)

Best match Mixi Max

Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone

Game exclusive teams

Inazuma Eleven GO

Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone

Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy



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