Mixi Max (ミキシマックス, Mikishi Makkusu, dub. Mix 'n' Match) is a feature introduced in Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone that makes it possible to fuse a character with someone else's aura.

This feature is most prominently used to assemble the strongest team in history, as detailed by Endou Daisuke.

Mixi Max users

Ultimate Eleven

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The Mixi Max was first seen in the anime in episode 2, used by Clark Wonderbot. He Mixi Maxed Fei with Tyrano's aura, making Fei have a new appearance. With that new power, Fei could easily pass through Protocol Omega's defense and got a new hissatsu, Kodai no Kiba, with which he scored a goal.

Since that event, Mixi Maxes are mostly done to complete the Ultimate Eleven quest as described by Endou Daisuke's Hasha no Seiten, by travelling through different eras to find historical characters and take their aura to give it to a player fit enough to gain the aura. However, antagonists such as Zanark Avalonic were also shown to be able to Mixi Max, without using the Mixi Max Gun.

As said by Toudou Heikichi, historical Mixi Maxes completed by Raimon are mostly due to Daisuke's influence as a Chrono Stone.


Mixi Maxes appear in Inazuma Eleven GO VS Danball Senki W too. The fact Shinsei Inazuma Japan's players can use these is that the movie takes place in a parallel world.


How to use Mixi Max Site

How to use Mixi Max in the Chrono Stone game.

In the game, it is possible to Mixi Max any player with any other player in your team, in addition to specifics Mixi Max like Shindou with Oda Nobunaga, offering a great number of combinations. When selecting a player's aura, it is also possible to select 2 hissatsu techniques to give to the player on the receiving end.

Only three players can use Mixi Max on the field at the same time.

The recipient will get a 50% stat boost in all stats. However, they will get a 75% stat boost of Kick if they receives a forward's aura, 75% stat boost of Dribbling if they receives a midfielder's aura. If it is a Best Match Mixi Max, they will get a 75% stat boost in all stats, and 100% stat boost of Kick if they receives a forward's aura. The stat boost depends on the following factors:

Factor If FWicon If MFicon If DFicon If GKicon If Wind Icon If Wood Icon If Fire Icon If Earth Icon If Male Icon If Female Icon
Stat Boost Kick Dribbling Block Catch Speed Technique Stamina Lucky GP TP

Note also that it is not possible to level up hissatsu techniques that were given to a player, as Mixi Max reflects the status at the time the Mixi Max was performed. To level them up, the player, that gives his aura to another player, has to level them up.

In Galaxy, Mixi Maxes provide a small stat boost.


To activate the Mixi Max, you must click on the button showing two small persons. Then, you get a screen showing the Mixi Maxes of your teams, and you can either chose to use one or not to use. Once you have used a Mixi Max, the Mixi Maxed player will appear with a yellow aura surrounding him. He will be stronger due to the stats's boost. Mixi Max runs out once the Mixi Maxed player's GP hit 0. It loses 1 GP per step.

In Galaxy, Mixi Maxes are activated at the beginning of the match and do not run out once a player's GP hit 0.

Mixi Max/Best Match

Best Match Mixi Max between Mahoro and Amagi

Amagi Daichi Mixi Maxed with Mahoro's aura.

Some Mixi Maxes between players do not give a small change in appearance, but a whole new face. These special Mixi Maxes are called Best Match Mixi Maxes. A Best Match gives a better stat boost than the normal Mixi Maxes.

A Best Match also gives the possibility of choosing a hissatsu that isn't in the moveset of the player giving his aura.

Mixi Max Gun

Mixi Max Gun CS 17 HQ

The Mixi Max Gun.

The Mixi Max Gun (ミキシマックス・ガン) is a gun wielded by Clark Wonderbot. It has the ability to store one person's aura into another person, fusing their capabilities together.


The negative end of the gun is pointed at the person from whom the aura will be taken, while the positive end is pointed at the person who will receive the aura. The person at whom the positive end of the Mixi Max Gun is placed is declared the user of Mixi Max. When it's successful, Wonderbot shouts "Mixi Max, Complete!".

Ghost Mixi Max

Ghost Mixi Max CS 11

Ghost Mixi Max.

The Ghost Mixi Max (ゴーストミキシマックス, dub: Spirit Miximax) is a derivation of the Mixi Max, which gives someone's aura to the others.



Ghost Mixi Max was first used by Beta in episode 11, while Raimon was leading 3-2 against Protocol Omega 2.0. It boosted her teammates, which made Protocol Omega 2.0 scoring three other goals and winning the game 5-3.

Beta used it once more during the match between Raimon and Protocol Omega 2.0, that was played in the Sengoku era, to give teammates more power again.



  • In the game, Shokatsu Koumei Mixi Maxes with either Amemiya (Neppuu) or Hakuryuu (Raimei) depending on the version. Though, in the anime, she Mixi Maxed with Taiyou.
    • Taiyou's Mixi Max with Shokatsu Koumei was different from the other Mixi Maxes. Koumei's Keshin struck down and kind of swallowed Taiyou, resulting in the Mixi Max. Wonderbot said it was a forced Mixi Max.
    • Another type of Mixi Max was done by Nanobana Kinako, when she touched Master Dragon's head and received her power.
    • Zanark Avalonic also had his own kind of Mixi Max, as he drove into the gigantic hurricane, Clara Jane, and received its power after being hit by lightning inside the hurricane.
  • In the English version of the Chrono Stone games, while the game mechanic is named Mix 'n' Match, the characters still refer to it as "miximax" in dialogue.
  • In Inazuma Eleven GO Strikers 2013, Mixi Max can also be used as an offensive/defensive tactic, because all shoot, dribble and block hissatsu are cancelled when someone is mixi-maxed.
    • Also, all the Mixi Max hissatsu have a cost of 20 TP.
  • In the games Keshin Armed and Soul can be used along with Mixi Max, while in the anime only very skilled players can use Mixi Max and Keshin Armed at the same time.
  • When Mixi Maxed with someone's aura, it is possible to get a new Keshin, which originally belongs to the aura of the other player.
  • In the anime, Chrono Storm's players can level up the hissatsu they gained with their Mixi Max; while in the game, the hissatsu has to be leveled up by the player whose the aura is given to another one.
  • It was stated in episode 49 by Kidou, Keshin Armed are stronger than Mixi Maxes, though it can't last for long.
  • Even though the Galaxy series is still part of GO, Mixi Maxes have been prohibited from being used in the Football Frontier International Vision 2 and the Grand Celesta Galaxy.
  • In episode 32 Wonderbot said that it would be hard to Mixi Max with Rockstar as she was dying, but in episode 29 he was able to Mixi Max Tsurugi with ill Okita without any problems.