Miura Hiromu (三浦(みうら) 大夢(ひろむ)), also known as Diam (ディアム, Diamu), is a forward of Gemini Storm.


Inazuma Eleven 2

  • "He's hoping to meet an opponent who'll surprise him with their skills."


Diam in gemini storm

Diam in Gemini Storm.

He has a wavy brown-colored hair and blue eyes. He has a pale skin tone and little eyebrows.


Just as most members in Aliea Gakuen, they care for their "father" who raised them in the Ohisama En orphanage.


Season 2

Endou didn't stand a chance against his shoots in the first two matchs because they were too fast. Later, when his team fought against Raimon the third time, Raimon has Fubuki, Gemini Storm lost with 2-1 and they were exiled by Desarm.

Season 3

In episode 76, he was seen happily playing soccer with all of his friends from Ohisama En in Hiroto and Midorikawa's flashback.

Game appearance

Front sprite Avatar
Soccer uniform Gemini Storm player 11-2 Gemini Storm player 11


All stats are at level 99 and untrained.

  • GP: 154
  • TP: 97
  • Kick: 79
  • Body: 69
  • Control: 68
  • Guard: 61
  • Speed: 52
  • Stamina: 67
  • Guts: 52
  • Freedom: 20

  • GP: 119
  • TP: 115
  • Kick: 73
  • Body: 59
  • Control: 59
  • Guard: 50
  • Speed: 52
  • Stamina: 54
  • Guts: 52
  • Freedom: 38

All stats are fully upgraded.

  • TP: 150
  • Kick: A
  • Guard: C
  • Body: B
  • Speed: C
  • Control: B
  • Catch: C

  • TP: 150
  • Kick: A
  • Guard: C
  • Body: B
  • Speed: C
  • Control: B
  • Catch: C

  • TP: 170
  • Kick: S
  • Guard: B
  • Body: A
  • Speed: B
  • Control: A
  • Catch: B


Inazuma Eleven 2

Inazuma Eleven 3

Inazuma Eleven GO Strikers 2013

Game exclusive teams

Inazuma Eleven 2

Inazuma Eleven 3



  • His alien name, "Diam" means "silent" in Indonesia and Malay, which is a joke that during the matches against Raimon, he isn't seen saying anything.
  • He is one of the few Aliea members to have the same dub name.


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