Matatagi's Mother (瞬木母, Matatagi Haha) is the mother of Matatagi Hayato, Matatagi Yuuta and Matatagi Shun.


She has shoulder-length brown hair and black eyes that are same as her sons.


Her husband left her with her sons a long time ago. She couldn't work due to her illness which made her oldest son, Hayato, have to take care of Yuuta and Shun.


She only appeared in Matatagi Hayato's flashback in episode 25. She was seen sitting in her hospital bed and talking with Matatagi how it was going at home. When she saw that Matatagi was watching at the race car of the child, who was showing the car to her grandma, she said to Matatagi that he should buy a race car if he really want to. Matatagi commented that he doesn't need a race car and said to her that he needs to leave to go home.