Mark Kruger (マーク・クルーガー, Māku Kurūgā) is a midfielder and the captain of Unicorn.


Inazuma Eleven 3

  • "America's star player. He, together with Ichinose, pulls the team along."

Inazuma Eleven Strikers

  • "This all-American star player forms a midfield dynamo with Ichinose Kazuya."


He has sandy blonde hair and teal eyes. Along with some other players, he is referred as a total 'hottie' by Rika.


He's nice, calm, and friendly to most people. He has intense passion for his country, America. He is also cheerful and loves to help anyone he knows. Mark is very friendly and hard working, like when they were playing against Inazuma Japan, he tried hard for his whole team, and for his friends so that they too can go into the finals in the FFI. Also, it is  shown that he doesn't give up easily as seen during the match against Makai Gundan Z.


Mark was first seen with Dylan winning a soccer game when he was playing in episode 68, where he comments that they are coming back. After that, he was seen at the opening ceremony. Later, with Dylan, Teres, Fideo, and Endou, he played a small game of soccer, saying he came to see Endou after Ichinose mentioned him. Together, they had a match against Inazuma Japan. He along with Dylan scored a goal using Unicorn Boost breaking through Endou's Ijigen The Hand. Later, he along with Ichinose and Dylan scored again using Gran Fenrir. Despite their effort, they still lost to Inazuma Japan 4-3. Later, they played against The Empire but failed due to not having Ichinose and also due to Teres's Iron Wall. Even though they are very good, his team still loses to Inazuma Japan and The Empire, because of that his team being disqualified.Then he reappeared again in Japan's area, with Dylan paying a visit to the team along with Teres, Fideo and Edgar. Later, Mark and Dylan play against Makai Gundan Z, by following Kidou to rescue Haruna. During the match, he was roughly tackled by Belial, but completed the pass to Dylan. After they saved her, all of the captains went on a train and said goodbye to Inazuma Japan. The last time he was seen was after watching Inazuma Japan's match with Little Gigant.

Game appearance

Character sprite and avatar

Front sprite Avatar
Soccer uniform UCshot9spriteUC2player9sprite UCshot9UC2player9

Character view

Front overview Back overview Front close view Back close view
Soccer uniform Krugerfrontview Krugerbackview Krugerfrontviewcloseup Krugerbackviewcloseup


Inazuma Eleven 3

First you must defeat Unicorn on Hirai Shinzou]'s Taisen Route. Then select him in the machine to recruit him. Go to America's national area. Mark will appear standing at random infront of a yellow car. You only have to battle him one time, however, your team level must be at least level 50 or higher.

Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone

In order to recruit Mark, the following requirements are needed:

After that, he can be scouted.


All stats are at level 99 and untrained.

  • GP: 131
  • TP: 130
  • Kick: 68
  • Body: 88
  • Control: 64
  • Guard: 57
  • Speed: 58
  • Stamina: 57
  • Guts: 54
  • Freedom: 4

  • GP: 152
  • TP: 168
  • Kick: 114
  • Dribbling: 112
  • Technique: 109
  • Block: 103
  • Speed: 127
  • Stamina: 88
  • Catch: 54
  • Lucky: 111

  • GP: 147
  • TP: 139
  • Kick: 119
  • Dribbling: 149
  • Block: 111
  • Catch: 83
  • Technique: 107
  • Speed: 123
  • Stamina: 90
  • Lucky: 109

  • GP: 147
  • TP: 139
  • Kick: 119
  • Dribbling: 149
  • Block: 111
  • Catch: 83
  • Technique: 107
  • Speed: 123
  • Stamina: 90
  • Lucky: 109

All stats are fully upgraded.

  • TP: 160
  • Kick: B
  • Guard: B
  • Body: A
  • Speed: B
  • Control: B
  • Catch: C

  • TP: 180
  • Kick: A
  • Guard: A
  • Body: S
  • Speed: A
  • Control: A
  • Catch: B


Game exclusive teams

Inazuma Eleven 3

Inazuma Eleven GO

Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone

Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy

Inazuma Eleven Strikers

Inazuma Eleven Strikers 2012 Xtreme

Inazuma Eleven GO Strikers 2013




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