Manyuuji emblem

Manyuuji (漫遊寺) is a team from Kyoto.


Kira Hitomiko commented that if they competed in the Football Frontier, they might have had a chance to defeat Raimon. Their motive for not participating is because they don't believe in competitions and use football as a way to improve their physical and mental form.


Their uniforms are orange kimonos with a red belt in the waist. They use red socks and white shoes. The goalkeeper uniform consists of a blue kimono with a white T-shirt under fitted along with black shorts, blue gloves, blue socks and white shoes. The captain's band is red and blue.


  1. Kakita Taishou (GK/ex-captain)
  2. Satori Kai (DF)
  3. Hougyoku Hikaru (DF)
  4. Fukumi Miou (DF)
  5. Makanai Shou (DF)
  6. Takayume Souichi (MF)
  7. Manabiya Ikkin (MF)
  8. Ichikawa Taemon (MF)
  9. Tenjin Atarou (FW)
  10. Kageta Meguru (FW)
  11. Tenjin Usuke (FW)
  12. Kogure Yuuya (DF/captain after Kakita Taishou graduated)
  13. Itsushige Manabu (GK)
  14. Osamoto Gou (FW)
  15. Kamo Yoshiyuki (DF)
  16. Gozan Sou (MF)

Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy


Manyuuji VS Epsilon

After Zel destroyed a part of the school, Manyuuji accepted Epsilon's challenge. They used many hissatsu and played very well, but their opponents were stronger and scored 15 goals in 6 minutes. Manyuuji abandoned the match because all of their players were hurt by Epsilon's players. The match ended with a score of 0-15.



  • Their school is located in Kyoto.
  • The Manyuuji school uniforms in the anime are different from those in the game - in the anime boys wear beige kimono-like shirts with short sleeves, beige shorts and a black belt around the waist. Girls wear pink kimono-like shirts with long sleeves, red skirts and a red belt around the waist, while in the game boys wear orange gakuran with red buttons, and girls wear white short-sleeved shirts, orange ribbons and orange skirts.