Mannouzaka emblem

Mannouzaka (万能坂(まんのうざか)) is a team that appears in Inazuma Eleven GO. They were the second opponent that Raimon fought against in Holy Road.


Mannouzaka's jersey consists of a dark purple T-shirt with red linings and two red stripes that go down halfway from the collar. They wear a red belt over dark purple shorts, and red socks with a blue stripe around the top. The goalkeeper wears a dark, long-sleeved greyish-blue shirt with black linings, with two black stripes that go down to the bottom of the shirt. Followed by this, the shorts are also the same color as the shirt. The socks are black with a white stripe going around at the top. The goalkeeper of Mannouzaka wears white gloves with a lime-green part to it that covers their index fingers and thumbs. The captain's mark is colored lime-green.


In the match against Raimon, they played like Kuro no Kishidan, using rough plays to injure their opponents' members without getting a penalty card. Fifth Sector ordered them to do so, in order to take Raimon down.


  1. Shinoyama Mitsuru (GK)
  2. Gamaishi Tsuneoki (DF)
  3. Oosawada Kotetsu (DF)
  4. Nagahisa Douji (DF)
  5. Kuranoin Sanosuke (DF)
  6. Ushio Kenjirou (MF)
  7. Busujima Kanezane (MF)
  8. Sakazaki Mugen (MF)
  9. Shirato Kiyoshirou (FW)
  10. Mitsuyoshi Yozakura (FW)
  11. Isozaki Kenma (FW/captain)
  12. Chita Tsuyoshi (GK)
  13. Basato Toushi (FW)
  14. Kiwami Seishin (MF)
  15. Okano Shunpei (MF)
  16. Kamihira Gizou (DF)
  17. Tetsukado Shin (DF) (Galaxy)

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