Makai Gundan

Makai Gundan Z (魔界軍団Z, lit. Hell Army Z) is a team that serves the Demon King.



They challenged Kidou and the second group to a match to stop them from rescuing Haruna and stopping a ceremony required to release the Demon King after 1,000 years.

After being beaten by Kidou's team, they joined forces with Tenkuu no Shito to form Dark Angel. Once Dark Angel was defeated, Sein attempted to vanquish Makai Gundan Z, but after Endou Mamoru stops him, the team retreats behind a stone door where they would remain for another 1,000 years.


They appear in the Bomber and Ogre version of Inazuma Eleven 3: Sekai e no Chousen!!. After you beat them and connect to a copy of Spark that has beaten Tenkuu no Shito, you unlock the team Dark Angel.


Their standard uniforms consists of black t-shirts and shirts with a green mark in the center.
Makai Gundan Z Official Art

Makai Gundan Z's official art

Each uniform has a pair of dark wings and two red marks, one in each shoulder. The goalkeeper's t-shirt is red and the shirts is petroleum-blue. It also had wings, but little. Differently from the line players uniform, the goalkeeper doesn't have circles in the shoulders.


  1. Astaroth (GK)
    Makai Gundan Z

    Makai Gundan Z's formation.

  2. Belzebu (DF)
  3. Abigol (DF)
  4. Hebimoth (DF)
  5. Belial (DF)
  6. Mephisto (MF)
  7. Glasya (MF)
  8. Barbatos (MF)
  9. Arachnes (MF)
  10. Satanathos (FW)
  11. Desuta (FW/captain)

Hissatsu tactics

Inazuma Eleven 3: Sekai e no Chousen!!


White Team

In order to save Haruna from being sacrificed to awaken the Maou, Kidou and his team challenged Makai Gundan Z to a soccer match. They quickly took the upper hand, with Desuta scoring two goals, one with help of the hissatsu tactics, Black Thunder and the other with Dark Matter. Despite being able to made a good fight, they eventually lost to Kidou's team with 3-2.


  • In Italy, due to religious censure, this team is called "NightStar" and its players aren't devils from Hell but citizens of "Notturnia".