Luca (ルカ, Ruka) is a character from the third game/season. He is a friend of Hidetoshi Nakata and he doesn't appear to play soccer.


Luca in the game IE3

Luca in the game.

Luca has short blond hair and brown eyes. He is shown to wear a long blue jacket with a white hoodie. He wears an orange shirt that can be seen, since he wears his jacket open.


He seems to be a devoted and nice friend of Nakata, being seen everywhere with him. Also he seems to be friendly, as when he was shown playing with Rushe and doesn't seem to get angry when he fell while getting the ball from Rushe. Showing to be a close friend of his, he calls Nataka by the nickname "Hide".


Nakata Rushe Luca

Luca with Nakata and Rushe.

He first appeared when he was watching Inazuma Japan's fight on who will be the representatives of Japan. Luca states that why would Hide want to watch the match of a weak team, to which Hide states that they're a lot stronger than they look. It can be seen that he is eating an ice cream, while in the game cut scene he isn't eating an ice cream.

Then, Hidetoshi and Luca watch the match of Inazuma Japan and Fire Dragon also, to see which Luca stated that Fire Dragon was toying around Japan, since Korea hasn't gotten serious yet. Then, when Endou was switched into the field, Luca states that how he thinks the match would end if "his" favorite was in the match. In the end, Inazuma Japan won.

He is constantly seen in every match when both of them watch. Though, whenever they watch, they're mostly together. He is seen again playing with Rushe after she finally got the eye surgery after the Orpheus match.


  • In the game, you cannot play as him.
    • In the anime, he also isn't seen playing soccer, only the time when he played with Rushe after her surgery on her eyes was done.
  • He always seems to be eating something, except when he's watching a match.
  • He is the only person that calls his friend by the name "Hide".
  • He is the son of Paolo, who was the former coach of Orpheus.