Long Hairs R (ロングヘアーズR, Rongu Heāzu R) is a team introduced in Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone.


They can be challenged at Yashima Narumi's taisen route. All the players are at level 40.


  1. Sangrila (GK/captain)
  2. Makisato Mizuki (DF)
  3. Tsukuyomi (DF)
  4. Oomi Kunihiro (DF)
  5. Satie (MF)
  6. Manto (MF)
  7. Wanda Naoto (MF)
  8. Yuuto (FW)
  9. Munetsugu (FW)
  10. Chouun (FW)
  11. Mika (FW)
  12. Gothloli (GK)
  13. Yamabushi (DF)
  14. Isogin (MF)
  15. Marusara (FW)
  16. Shirakaba (FW)


  • All of the members have long hair.
  • This team can only be challenged in the Raimei version of the game.