The Liocott Island (ライオコット島, Raiokotto Shima) is the island where the Football Frontier International was held. It was the main setting for the third season and game of Inazuma Eleven.


Apparently, there were two teams who have been fighting on this island which are Tenkuu no Shito and Makai Gundan Z, which oddly decides the fate of the world. Liocott Island is known as 'Soccer Island'.


All of the stadiums are in this island to which this is the island where the FFI takes place. There is a large volcano in the center of the island. Around the island are other mini sub islands where there are stadiums that hold the tournament itself.

Each competitor has their own territory, so that they may train in much more comfortable circumstances. Most of the islands contain a stadium.



  • Umihebi Island (Sea Snake Island)
  • Yamaneko Island (Wildcat Island)
  • Condor Island
  • Umikame Island (Turtle Island)
  • Kujaku Island (Peacock Island)



  • Each of the little islands represented a different animal in English.