Liar Shot (ライアーショット, Raiā Shotto) is a dribble hissatsu technique.


Inazuma Eleven Strikers

  • "Pretend to shoot, then nip round the back of your opponent with this move."



It appeared in episode 100 used by Kamezaki Kappa, to get past Hiroto and Kogure many times during their 2 vs 2 match.


The user pulls his/her leg back as the ball charges with blue energy, in a similar way as Dragon Crash, as they aim at the 'target'. As soon as the user kicks the ball, the opponent cowers in fear, only to realize the ball being shot overhead as it loses its blue energy. The user then dribbles through with the ball, having their opponent to be flabbergasted.



Liar Shot Wii

Liar Shot in the Wii game.



Liar Shot00:09

Liar Shot

Inazuma Eleven GO Strikers 2013

IE GO Strikers 2013 - Liar Shot00:07

IE GO Strikers 2013 - Liar Shot

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