Levin Murdoch (レビン・マードック, Rebin Mādokku) is the official commentator of FFI and a former MVP striker of the European League.


He has tanned skin and brown hair that is tied in a ponytail and drapes over his shoulder. He also has blue eyes. His casual clothing is a dark green jacket and an orange shirt.


He is shown to be kind. Since he is from Europe, he usually cheers for the European countries like Knights of Queen. However, when Inazuma Japan scored and tied against them, he was really surprised and could not believe it.


Season 3

He is the one who usually comments the Football Frontier International, together with Maxter Land. At the last match, he was seen happy for Inazuma Japan's victory.


According to the game, Rococo Urupa is shown to be a big fan of Levin. When he visits Cotarl, he tells Rococo that he was also bullied as a child.

Commented matches

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