Leon Sams (レオン サムズ, Reon Samuzu) is the coach for The Kingdom.


He is bald and has a mustache and wears an orange shirt. He has dark skin.


He is shown to be a caring coach as he stated that Garshield did not deserve to be a coach as he was the one who experimented with Roniejo. He is the real coach of The Kingdom.


Season 3

He is actually the real coach of The Kingdom and not Garshield. He returned in the second half of the match against Inazuma Japan in episode 115. Apparently he was confined by Garshield so that Garshield can become the coach of The Kingdom. In which he was angry about since he was away from his team because of Garshield.

During the second half, he stated that The Kingdom finally showed their true power. In the end of the match he stated that he was happy that his team was free and happy again.


In the Game, he also appears back mostly the same storyline as the anime.

Game appearance

Front sprite Avatar
Casual Coach21shot


  • 'Leon' is a nickname to Leonardo in Brazil.
  • "Leon" means lion in Spanish.
  • He appeared in the first opening of the FFI season.