Kumo no Ito (くもの(いと), lit. Spider's Thread) is a block hissatsu technique.

Game description

Inazuma Eleven

  • "Keep opponents wrapped up with these sticky spider threads!"



This hissatsu was first seen being used by Fuuma Koheita from Sengoku Igajima in the Football Frontier tournament against Raimon in episode 16.
Kumo no ito TCG

Kumo no Ito in the TCG.


The user puts their hand on the ground, then a spider web appears and spreads out around the user. When a foe steps on the web, they become stuck to the ground, allowing the user to get the ball easily without any resistance.


It can be bought by 1200 prestige points in the first Inazuma Eleven game.



  • Kumo no Ito 1
  • Kumo no Ito 2
  • Kumo no Ito 3
  • Kumo no Ito 4
  • Kumo no Ito 5



Inazuma Eleven - Kumo no Ito

Inazuma Eleven - Kumo no Ito

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