Kondou Keiji (近藤(こんどう) 啓士(けいじ)) is the coach for Gassan Kunimitsu.


Kondou has short, dark gray hair that is covered by a white captain hat that has a black stripe across the middle with a gold crescent attached to it. He has black eyes and wears black, circular glasses. He also has a very short beard that's colored black and a fair skin complexion. Kondou is seen wearing a white robe, fastened with a gray button, over a long-sleeved shirt with a dark gray rope attached to the upper right of it. He also wears dark gray gloves.


Keiji Kondo tracking formation

Kondou tracking the cyclones.

During the 1/32 nationals match of the Holy Road tournament against Raimon, he seemed to be tracking the tornadoes and match on a digital pad, having Gassan Kunimitsu keep a strict and orderly formation.

At the beginning of the second half, Kondou gestured to his team to initiated their hissatsu tactic, Tactics Cycle. However, as their hissatsu tactic was eventually broken by Raimon's members Kirino Ranmaru with Kariya Masaki's assistance, Gassan Kunimitsu's entire team, along with their coach got shocked at this.


Keiji talking to the team.

In episode 24, when Minamisawa played to his best ability by not following Gassan Kunimitsu's orderly pattern and playing his "own soccer", Kondou looked up from his tracker to the field in surprise. Gassan Kunimitsu's benched players protested to their coach about something. In response, Kondou put away his tracking pad in his robe — which surprised Gassan Kunimitsu's benched players — saying something about the players that were on the field and he told his players to play freely as they like. When the match ended, he left along with his players. He also said that, after the match, he wouldn't return to Fifth Sector anymore.

Coach effect

Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone

Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy


  • His dub name come from Norman Schwarzkopf, an American general. His name, Sturm, probably derives from Schwarzkopf's nickname, "Stormin Norman".