Kira Seijirou (吉良(きら) 星二郎(せいじろう)) was one of the main antagonists in the second season of the Inazuma Eleven series. He is the father of Kira Hitomiko.


He made the Aliea project with help from Kenzaki Ryuuichi that utilized the Aliea Meteorite. He used the meteor to make powerful soccer players. He said his purpose of doing it is because he wanted to get revenge for his deceased son named Kira Hiroto. In episode 44, he mentions Alien Gakuen as the making of "gu" poison in which there is a survival of the fittest. Later, he was arrested by the police after the Academy collapses by the hands of Kenzaki Ryuuichi who took eleven pieces of the great Aliea Meteorite.
Kira eyes

Kira opening his eyes.

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Kira crying.

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  • Even though he kept his eyes thin, he opened them twice in the anime.
  • It is said that he was controlled by Garshield Bayhan in the game.
  • Even though he still had a daughter, he still continued in avenging his son's death to the extent of even using Kira Hitomiko, his daughter.
  • It was said that before he died, he gave his company to Kiyama Hiroto.
  • The description of Aliea Gakuen as the making of "gu" posion is actually Kodoku, a type of poisonous magic in Japanese folklore.