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Kira Hiroto
Original Hiroto IE 63 HQ
JP name 吉良 ヒロト
Dub name Xavier Schiller
Gender Male Icon
Team None
Seiyuu None
Game Inazuma Eleven 2 (only mentioned)
Anime Episode 063 (in flashback)
Manga Unknown

Kira Hiroto (吉良 ヒロト) was the son of Kira Seijirou.


Kiyama Hiroto was named after Kira Hiroto. The incident of Aliea Gakuen was mainly due to his death and his father's will to avenge it. He also loved soccer and it was said that he wished to be a professional soccer player.



A photo of Kira Hiroto in a frame.

He looked very similar to Kiyama Hiroto, but his hair color, eye color, and skin tone were darker. Coincidentally, his casual clothes were exactly the same as Kiyama Hiroto's but his jacket was blue in color instead of pale green.



Kira Hiroto after the mysterious accident.

While studying soccer abroad, Kira Hiroto was killed mysteriously, and the actual cause of his death was never revealed. The case was then closed as an accidental death due to a government official's son being somehow involved. This caused his father, Kira Seijirou, great grief and sadness which made him want revenge over the soccer world.


  • He never appeared in the anime, manga, or game in person. He was only shown in flashbacks in episode 63.
  • In the game, he passed away ten years ago, but in the anime it was five years ago.

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