Kinzan Kyouzou ​(金山(きんざん) 郷造(きょうぞう)) is the current chairman of the Raimon Junior High School in the Inazuma Eleven GO series.


He has tanned skin and white hair. He wears a yellow suit over a dark blue collared shirt and a red tie. His eyes are black with dark eyebags underneath them.


Kyouzou Kinzan's cat

Kyouzou's cat.

Kyouzou first appeared in episode 1, where Tsurugi and his team, Kuro no Kishidan had come to Raimon to become the replacement soccer team. When Tsurugi challenged Tenma to a one-on-one match, saying that if Tenma failed to steal the ball from him, he would destroy Raimon's soccer club. The school chairman calmly said to Tenma that the fate of Raimon's soccer was in his hands, and smirked.

Later, after the match between Raimon's first team and Kuro no Kishidan, Kyouzou gladly tells Shindou, Raimon's captain, that Tsurugi would be joining the team. Shortly thereafter, Kyouzou calls Tsurugi to his office, asking if Kuro no Kishidan only forfeited the match because of Shindou's keshin, which was unconsciously released during the match.

After this meeting, Raimon's coach, Kudou was called in to be informed of the next match against Eito, a fixed match with 3-0, Eito winning. However, in the end, Raimon took one goal instead, going against Fifth Sector's orders. Kyouzou was very angered by this, but then thought again about it. He thought that it would be a "perfect chance" to fire Kudou from his job. Kudou accepted his boss's orders, and was replaced by Endou Mamoru, dispatched from Fifth Sector. Kyouzou was very shocked and mad at this, wondering why Fifth Sector would send someone like him.

During half-time of the match against Tengawara in the Holy Road soccer competition, Endou gives a speech to everyone that the soccer that they had right now was not real soccer, and that everyone must feel the same way, as well. Just as he finished, Kyouzou and the principal, Fuyukai ran in and angrily questioned what Endou was telling to his team. He told him that he would not accept a pre-determined score, and calmly walked out of the door, leaving Kyouzou and Fuyukai in shock and slight fear.


  • As shown in the game trailer, he has a white cat, but it didn't appear in the anime.