Keshin Drawing GO 39

Keshin Drawing (化身ドロウイング, Keshin Dorouingu, dub. Spirit Linking) is an ability to draw out the source of a player's power, basically drawing out the player's Keshin when they don't have enough power to do it themselves.






Amemiya Taiyou used this ability to draw out his keshin, Taiyou Shin Apollo, when his illness took its toll and made him unable to use his Keshin by himself during the match between Raimon and Arakumo Gakuen. With the help of his three teammates, Makisato Mizuki, Kida Mokuren and Nebuchi Umitomo, Taiyou was able to use his keshin once more, sending Shindou Takuto, who approached Taiyou, flying when Taiyou released his keshin. Three members of Raimon, Shindou, Tsurugi Kyousuke and Matsukaze Tenma, decided to counter Taiyou's drawn out keshin and started to fuse their three keshin. Taiyou used Sunshine Force but the Raimon trio were able to stop the shoot from advancing by releasing their keshin fusion, Matei Gryphon. With his friends' encouragement, Taiyou faced off against Matei Gryphon and almost defeated it but the other members of Raimon encouraged the Raimon trio to stop Sunshine Force. Instead of the stopping the ball, the Raimon trio were able to shoot Sunshine Force back and easily broke through Sata Tosamaru's Teppeki no Gigadoon, scoring the fourth and winning goal for Raimon.


Keshin Drawing GO movie

Hakuryuu's Keshin being drawn out.

With the help of his four teammates, Hakuryuu used Keshin Drawing to release his keshin once more after using it several times already. Shuu joined him by his side and with his keshin, Ankoku Shin Dark Exodus, the two fused their keshin together into Sei Kishi Arthur.


In the GO games, Keshin Drawing allows you to use a Keshin a second time. However, it consumes your players' TP. In Inazuma Eleven GO, it consumes 1/5 of each player's TP while in Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone, it consumes half of player's TP.


  • As stated by Nebuchi, this ability puts stress on the body, especially for Taiyou who has an illness preventing him to play intensive sports, such as soccer.