Keshin Drawing (化身ドロウイング, Keshin Dorouingu, dub. Spirit Linking) is an ability to draw out the source of a player's power, basically drawing out the player's Keshin when they don't have enough power to do it themselves.






In episode 39, Amemiya Taiyou used this ability to draw out his Keshin Taiyou Shin Apollo when his illness took its toll and made him unable to use his Keshin by himself. However, with the help by three of his teammates, Makisato Mizuki, Kida Mokuren and Nebuchi Umitomo, his Keshin was brought out once more to battle against Matei Gryphon, the Keshin fusion of Matsukaze Tenma, Tsurugi Kyousuke and Raimon's captain Shindou Takuto.
Keshin Drawing in GO Movie HQ

Hakuryuu's Keshin being drawn out.

With his friends' encouragement, Taiyou used Sunshine Force, but it was sent back by Matei Gryphon and Raimon scored a fourth goal.


In the GO movie, Hakuryuu released his keshin for the last time and his teammates lent him their strength in order to help Hakuryuu making a Keshin Fusion with Shuu.


In the GO games, Keshin Drawing allows you to use a Keshin a second time. However, it consumes your players' TP. In GO, it consumes 1/5 of each player's TP while in Chrono Stone, it consumes half of player's TP.


  • As stated by Nebuchi, this ability puts stress on the body, especially for Taiyou who has an illness preventing him to play intensive sports, such as soccer.

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