Keeper Stars R (キーパースターズR) is a game exclusive team.


  1. Mikuni (GK)
  2. Mighty (DF)
  3. Rolling (DF)
  4. Senguuji Yamato (DF)
  5. Shuten (DF)
  6. Rujiku (DF/Mixi Maxed with Zanark)
  7. Pierrone (DF)
  8. Minomushi (MF)
  9. Hyoudou Tsukasa (MF)
  10. Nishizono Shinsuke (FW)
  11. Endou Mamoru (FW/Young)
  12. Erice (GK)
  13. Meguhon (DF)
  14. Shouki (MF)
  15. Daikei
  16. Ikamizu (FW)


  • This team can only be challenged in the Raimei version of the game.

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