Karasu Yukihito (唐須(からす) 幸人(ゆきひと)) is a minor character who made his debut in the Football Frontier International arc.


Karasu motorcycle

On his motorcycle.

Karasu has fair skin and is tall. He has medium-length reddish-pink hair and gray eyes. He wears a purple midriff jacket over a dark maroon hoodie. He wears purple coloured pants and he wears gray boots over them. He also wears a silver necklace with a bird pendant.


He is quite forceful, and has the abilities of a street gang leader. In his first appearance in the anime, he was even shown to be taking Fuyuka's hand in the presence of Endou, Gouenji and Aki, saying that 'pretty girl like them' (Fuyuka and Aki) should not be hanging out with guys like them.


When Tobitaka Seiya left his gang for the Football Frontier International, Karasu took over the gang, which consisted of only Suzume and three others at that time, along with his accomplices. Later, before their match with Desert Lion, Endou, Gouenji, Aki and Fuyuka were heading for Toramaru's restaurant when they bumped into Karasu and his gang. Karasu then invited the girls to go with him and not Endou and Gouenji. They ignored Karasu, saying they had to go somewhere, but Karasu grabbed Fuyuka's wrist as she was walking by him, to which Gouenji responded by telling him to 'let her go'. When Inazuma Japan were on the way to their next match against Fire Dragon, Karasu and his accomplices stopped them, stalling Inazuma Japan to make them late for their game. Tobitaka insisted that he'll fight them and let Inazuma Japan leave him behind, but Endou protested. Soon, Suzume and his friends found them and said that they would fight Karasu's gang instead. The Inazuma Caravan went on with Tobitaka, but Suzume and his friends got beaten up very badly.

Game appearance

Casual Karasu Game


  • Karasu means crow in Japanese.