Kakumei Senbatsu Team (革命選抜チーム, lit. Revolution Selection Team) is a game exclusive team of Inazuma Eleven GO


It is the second shirt of Kidokawa Seishuu. This uniform is white with several marine blue stripes, the short is grey with a band blue and socks are light grey with dark grey bands.



They played with Raimon in a practice match to help Shinsuke to release his Keshin. They are opposed to the Fifth Sector's idea about soccer, hence the name which means "Resistance Selection". Most of the members agree with Resistance's idea of playing real soccer.


In the anime, this team didn't appear. Instead of this, only two members of this team appeared, Hyoudou and Minamisawa, to help Shinsuke to develop his keshin.


  1. Hyoudou Tsukasa (GK)
  2. Kanehira Tessai (DF)
  3. Itou Torata (DF)
  4. Hachisuka Tadatora (DF)
  5. Makari Ginjirou (DF)
  6. Shimizu Ryuuto (MF)
  7. Kitaki Tsuneo (DF)
  8. Minamisawa Atsushi (MF/captain)
  9. Kishibe Taiga (MF)
  10. Taki Sousuke (FW)
  11. Yukimura Hyouga (FW)
  12. Katayama Tsuyoshi (GK)
  13. Taki Yoshihiko (FW)
  14. Koori Itsuki (MF)
  15. Osafune Tenzen (DF)
  16. Ichimonji Kirito (FW)

Hissatsu tactics

Inazuma Eleven GO



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