Kageyama Tougo (影山 東吾) was Kageyama Reiji's father, who was one of the most famous strikers in Japan who nobody could face.


In the flashbacks, he looked a lot like Kageyama Reiji except that he didn't wear glasses.


One day, a goalkeeper named Endou Daisuke was challenged by Tougo, and surprisingly, the new and young goalkeeper, Daisuke was able to stop his shots. From then onwards, Kageyama Tougo lost his fame in the game of soccer. That's when he left soccer and abandoned his family. Because of this, his wife died, which made Kageyama Reiji hate him and soccer; but, when Fideo Ardena used the Catenaccio Counter against Inazuma Japan, it is shown that Kageyama Reiji still admires him.

Game appearance

Front sprite Avatar
Casual Kageyamatougoshot


  • He only appeared in flashbacks.