Kabeyama Saku (壁山(かべやま) サク) is one of the supporting cast of the Inazuma Eleven anime and the younger brother of Kabeyama Heigorou.


He has some similarities to Heigorou like his big lips, tan skin, round black eyes, a small nose (with a similar color to his lips), round ears, and his hair (but slightly differs from the shape and color). Unlike his older brother, he is slim. He is often seen in a cream-colored jacket, green shorts and a blue backpack. He's apparently elementary age.


Saku is a naive and cheerful boy. He idolize his brother Heigorou and always looks up to him as a hero. In the game because of this, he could even shout at Endou and the others for "getting in his brother's way".


Season 1

He's Kabeyama's little brother in the first series, and one of Raimon's first supporters. His faith in Kabeyama allows him to work around his fear of heights so that he and Gouenji can complete Inazuma Otoshi.

Season 3

He is seen in episode 69, cheering on his brother in the Japan representative selection match with his two friends.

Game appearance

Front sprite Back sprite Avatar
Casual Saku front Saku back Kabeyamasakushot



  • His dub name 'Zak' rhymes with his older brother's name, 'Jack'.