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The following is a list of items appearing in the Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone.


Name How to Obtain Description
Raimon Wear (らいもんウェア) Scenario The admired uniform that Raimon's first team uses.
Tenmas Wear (テンマーズウェア) Scenario
Japan Wear (ジャパンウェア) Drop: Hirai's route, Shinsei Inazuma Japan The two-tone uniform which Japan's representative team uses.
Protocol Wear (プロトコルウェア) Scenario The uniform which members of Protocol Omega use. It's not only for soccer, but it's mobility is preeminent.
Protocol Z Wear (プロトコルZウェア) Scenario The uniform which members of Protocol Omega use. The colours have changed because of Zanark's brainwashing.
Zanark Wear [[ザナークウェア) Scenario The misfit uniform which the future world's team Zanark Domain uses.
Shiroshika Wear (しろしかウェア) Scenario The matching kimonos which the gangster Shiroshika uses. The uniform is surprisingly functional if used.
Cascade Wear (カスケイドウェア) Scenario The perfect uniform which the misdeed team Perfect Cascade uses.
Zan Wear (ザンウェア) Scenario The high-performance combat uniform which Feida's team Zan uses.
Giru Wear (ギルウェア) Scenario The noble uniform with the clean feel that Feida's team Giru uses.
Garu Wear (ガルウェア) Scenario The cute uniform with the matching vests which Feida's team Garu uses.
Lagoon Wear (ラグーンウェア) Scenario The plain, unique uniform which The Lagoon uses.
Tsukigami no Wear (ツキガミのウェア) Drop: Narumi's route, Tsukigami no Ichizoku (N)/Hatashijou (果し状): Neppuu Team Level 95 or more (R)
Vamp Wear (ヴァンプウェア) Drop: Narumi's route, Vamptym (R)/Hatashijou (果し状): Raimei Team Level 95 or more (N)
Excellar Wear (エグゼラーウェア) Drop: Hidesada's route, The Excellar
Legend Wear (レジェンドウェア) Drop: Hirai's route, Inazuma Legend Japan
Destroy Wear (デストロイウェア) Drop: Hirai's route, Destructchers
Second Wear (セカンドウェア) Drop: Handa's route, Raimon Second Team
Akizora Wear (あきぞらウェア) Drop: Kuroki's route, Akizora Challengers
KFC Wear (KFCウェア) Drop: Kuroki's route, Inazuma KFC
Kurokishi Wear (くろきしウェア) Drop: Kuroki's route, Kuro no Kishidan
Eito Wear (えいとウェア) Drop: Kuroki's route, Eito
Tengawara Wear (てんがわらウェア) Drop: Kuroki's route, Tengawara
Mannouzaka Wear (まんのうざかウェア) Drop: Kuroki's route, Mannouzaka
Aoba Wear (あおばウェア) Drop: Handa's route, Aoba
Teikoku Wear (ていこくウェア) Drop: Kuroki's route, Teikoku
Kaiou Wear (かいおうウェア) Drop: Kuroki's route, Kaiou
Gassan Wear (がっさんウェア) Drop: Kuroki's route, Gassan Kunimitsu
Hakuren Wear (はくれんウェア) Drop: Kuroki's route, Hakuren
Kidokawa Wear (きどかわウェア) Drop: Kuroki's route, Kidokawa
Genei Wear (げんえいウェア) Drop: Kuroki's route, Genei
Arakumo Wear (あらくもウェア) Drop: Kuroki's route, Arakumo
Seidouzan Wear (せいどうざんウェア) Drop: Kuroki's route, Seidouzan
Dragon Wear (ドラゴンウェア) Drop: Kuroki's route, Dragonlink
Unlimited Wear (アンリミテッドウェア) Drop: Charles' route, Unlimited Shining
Ancient Wear (エンシャントウェア) Drop: Charles' route, Ancient Dark
Zero Wear (ゼロウェア) Drop: Kuroki's route, Zero
Densetsu no Wear (でんせつのウェア) Drop: Fuyukai's route, FF Raimon
Genesis Wear (ジェネシスウェア) Drop: Furukabu's route, The Genesis
Chikyuu no Wear (ちきゅうのウェア) Treasure: Current era, Old soccer club room gold treasure chest
Swim Wear (スイムウェア) Drop: Okinawa, Hamabe no Ground (浜辺のグラウンド), Nankuru Knights (なんくるナイツ) (N)/Nankuru NICE (なんくるNICE) (R)
Minzoku Wear (みんぞくウェア) Drop: Patchwork Field, Yuganda Mori (ゆがんだ森), Sphinx (スフィンクス) (N)/Harems (ハーレムス) (R)
Inasena Wear (いなせなウェア) Drop: Sengoku era country of Owari, Hanafubuki Hiroba (花吹雪広場), RANGE-C
Koikina Wear (こいきなウェア) Drop: Sengoku era country of Owari, Azemichi Douri (あぜみち通り), Mixed Vegetables (ミックスベジタブル)
Inasena Wear (いなせなウェア) Drop: Bakumatsu era Kyoto, Oyashiki Douri (お屋敷通り), Beast Respect (ビーストリスペクツ) (N)/Beast Tamers(ビーストテイマーズ) (R)

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