Inside Silver emblem

Inside Silver (インサイドシルバー, Insaido Shirubā) is a team introduced in Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy.


This team can be challenged at the space alien's route on Sazanaara. It is the last team from the right route and all members are at level 39.


  1. Gin 1 (GK)
  2. Gin 2 (DF)
  3. Gin 3 (DF)
  4. Gin 4 (DF)
  5. Gin 5 (DF)
  6. Gin 6 (MF)
  7. Gin 7 (MF)
  8. Gin 8 (MF)
  9. Gin 9 (FW)
  10. Gin 10 (FW/captain)
  11. Gin 11 (FW)


  • This team consists of the aliens that impersonated Storm Wolf.
    • They made a brief appearance in episode 17 when they turned into their real form.
  • All of their members share the same forename, "Gin", which literally means "silver" in Japanese.