This page is about the future Inazuma KFC team of Inazuma Eleven GO, for the Inazuma KFC team of the original series, visit Inazuma KFC.

Inazuma KFC GO

Inazuma KFC (GO) (稲妻KFC) is the new Inazuma KFC in Inazuma Eleven GO. Their coach is Handa Shinichi and the manager is Kisaragi Mako, the previous captain of this team.


  1. Koiwa Yousuke (GK)
  2. Munakata Kosuke (DF)
  3. Doigaki Hajime (DF)
  4. Omoi Takeshi (MF)
  5. Matsuishi Rintarou (MF)
    Inazuma KFC GO Team
  6. Sagami Toshihiko (MF)
  7. Terasaka Tokio (DF/Captain)
  8. Kouzu Aohiro (DF)
  9. Kazama Remi (MF)
  10. Morimoto Kaito (MF)
  11. Umemiya Chako (FW)
  12. Karai Ataru (GK)
  13. Ayukawa Shun (DF)
  14. Shouji Takeru (MF)
  15. Kawai Mimi (FW)
  16. Sasazuka Tooma (DF)




  • For some reason, 4 players of this team don't play on their original positions.
  • The players shown in the anime are different from those in the game.

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