Inazuma Jet (イナズマジェット, Inazuma Jetto) is an airplane that only appeared in the third season of Inazuma Eleven.


It is an airplane with blue, white, and yellow colors which matches that of the Inazuma Japan uniform. It also has a logo on the side, which says "INAZUMA J" next to a soccer ball. The word INAZUMA has a color of blue, while J has an orange color; the entire logo is outlined in yellow.


The Inazuma Jet was used to bring Inazuma Japan to the Liocott island for the FFI tournament, and was driven by Furukabu. This was also seen again when Touko and Rika came to the island and also served the purpose of transporting injured players for example; Kurimatsu Teppei after he injured his ankle, and was last seen when Inazuma Japan arrived back at Raimon after winning.