Inazuma Japan B (イナズマジャパンB) is the second team for choosing the representatives for the national team, Inazuma Japan.


Inazuma Japan B's uniform consists of the same attire as Inazuma Japan A, only differences being B's jersey shirts are in reverse color (white background, blue stripes), with their shorts being blue. The goal keeper uniform is a dark, navy blue, with white accents, and orange lining on the sleeves and collar. The shorts in this uniform is also navy blue.



Inazuma Japan A vs. Inazuma Japan B

During this match, this was to determine which members will be making the whole Inazuma Japan team. No combination hissatsu allowed, only individual moves. Despite Gouenji and Midorikawa made two goals with Bakunetsu Storm and Astro Break, Inazuma Japan A won in the end, with the score 3-2.



  • In the game, Inazuma Japan B's uniforms were used in team practices, where as in the anime these uniforms were used again by the members.
  • In the Chrono Stone game, this team is called "Team Kidou".