Inazuma Japan A (イナズマジャパンA) is the first team for choosing the representatives for the national team, Inazuma Japan.



Inazuma Japan A (game)

Their uniform is similar to Inazuma Japan's, with a blue shirt with white stripes on the shoulders, a red patch below the collar and a thunder sign on the left side of the shirt, and plain white shorts which have blue strips on it. This is fitted along with blue socks, and white cleats. The goalkeeper uniform is a yellow shirt with a dark green line that goes from the sleeves to over the shoulders as well as a thunder sign on the left side.



Inazuma Japan A Vs. Inazuma Japan B

During this match, this was to determine which members will be making the whole Inazuma Japan team. No combination hissatsu techniques were used, only individual moves. Also, Inazuma Japan A won in the end, with the score 3-2.