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Current Episode: Episode 003 (Galaxy)

A Small Change Episode3 Galaxy HQ

A Small Change (小さな変化, Chiisana Henka) is the third episode of Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy series.

The match between Inazuma Japan and Fire Dragon continues. Fire Dragon easily obtains the lead with 0-1 and Shinsei Inazuma Japan are still not up to their fullest. What will happen next? Will Shinsei Inazuma Japan be able to win or will they be eliminated before their challenge to the world even begins?

Next Episode: Episode 004 (Galaxy)

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Featured Article
Chrono Storm CS50 HQ

Chrono Storm (クロノストーム) is a team made of the "Strongest Eleven In History", as described by Endou Daisuke.

The formation of Chrono Storm was one of the main plot points of Chrono Stone, and it's notable that every member of the team was Mixi Maxed with the aura of characters whose powers were noted in the Hasha no Seiten, in addition to being able to use Keshin Armed.

For more, check out: Chrono Storm.

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