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Current Episode: Episode 041 (Galaxy)
EP41 Pic

The Soul on Rampage! (暴走する(ソウル)!, Bōsō suru Souru!) is the forty-first episode of the Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy series.

Earth Eleven sank into despair as Bitway Ozrock unleashed his nightmarish Soul, Ixaal, which easily scored a goal against Earth Eleven's Soul defense. The worse was to come as Ixal Fleet activated their Soul-rampaging hissatsu tactic, Berserk Ray which caused all Earth Eleven's Souls to go berserk and resulted in two own goals against Earth Eleven! At the nick of time, Sarjes Rugu and Acrous Obies, in their Pixie forms, appeared and shattered Berserk Ray with their powers! More surprises came as suddenly a group of Gurdon's Anti-Machine Faction members descended along with Shitennou, who were saved by the Anti-Machine Faction members and returned to aid Earth Eleven! More were to come as the the captains of the previous teams Earth Eleven faced, Kazerma Woorg, Powai Pichori, Arbega Gordon, and the son of Banda Koloogyu, Banda Koloogyu Jr came to help as well! With Shinsuke and Zanakurou also joining, Galaxy Eleven replaced Earth Eleven during the second half against Ixal Fleet. Galaxy Eleven played well with Arbega able to protect the goal with Gouryuu, but his arms were injured in the process and Shinsuke took up the role of defending the galaxy's goalpost! The match that decided on the galaxy's fate raged on...

Next Episode: Episode 042 (Galaxy)

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Katra Paige Galaxy 23 HQ

Katra remained to be a mysterious and elusive character, as she only appeared to Matsukaze Tenma. She first appeared to Tenma in a dream in episode 22, leading him to a cave which contained a yellow stone. She made her formal appearance in episode 23, appearing to Tenma in reality and leading him to collect the Sun Rock, which she stated to be a piece of the method to save the galaxy. Before she disappeared, she told Tenma to collect the other 3 fragments and bring them to her. She made other appearances after Earth Eleven won a match, and brought Tenma to collect the other three fragments of hope with Pixie's assistance. She made her most recent appearance to Earth Eleven in episode 36 and told Earth Eleven that the last condition to save the galaxy is to ensure that Earth Eleven wins the match.

For more, check out: Katra Paige

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