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Current Episode: Episode 043 (Galaxy)
EP43 Pic

The Last Kick! Fly Towards Tomorrow! (最後のキック!未来に向かって飛べ!, saigo no kikku! mirai ni mukatte tobe!) is the forty-third and the last episode of the Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy series.

The match between Earth Eleven and Ixal Fleet ended, with Earth Eleven winning with a score of 8-7. The last goal was scored by Matsukaze Tenma, Shindou Takuto, and Tsurugi Kyousuke using The Earth ∞. The cosmic plasma photon cannon didn't succeed in stopping the black hole at first and it fell back, but the Earth Eleven kicked it back to the black hole as their last kick towards tomorrow. Potomuri Emnator's spirit left Mizukawa Minori's body and disappeared along with Acrous Obies and Sarjes Rugu. The members of Earth Eleven were each given a flower crown by Lalaya Obies as a reward for saving the galaxy. Kuroiwa Ryuusei was seen looking at Earth Eleven leaving Faram Obius. He then smiled and was teleported into an unknown spaceship. Earth Eleven then finally came back to Earth.

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Katra Paige

Katra remained to be a mysterious and elusive character, as she only appeared to Matsukaze Tenma. She first appeared to Tenma in a dream in episode 22, leading him to a cave which contained a yellow stone. She made her formal appearance in episode 23, appearing to Tenma in reality and leading him to collect the Sun Rock, which she stated to be a piece of the method to save the galaxy. Before she disappeared, she told Tenma to collect the other 3 fragments and bring them to her. She made other appearances after Earth Eleven won a match, and brought Tenma to collect the other three fragments of hope with Pixie's assistance. She made her most recent appearance to Earth Eleven in episode 36 and told Earth Eleven that the last condition to save the galaxy is to ensure that Earth Eleven wins the match.

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