Inazuma Eleven Strikers 2012 Xtreme (イナズマイレブンストライカーズ 2012 エクストリーム, Inazuma Irebun Strikers 2012 Ekusutorīmu) is the second Inazuma Eleven spin off game for the Nintendo Wii.


The gameplay is similar to Inazuma Eleven Strikers, but the fourth tournament will have a different order; Inazuma Girls, the Ogre and finally Zero

Playable teams

Special characters

Password characters

Like the previous game in this version you can unlock some characters by a password. Here is the list of unlockable characters:

Unlockable hissatsu techniques

Shoot hissatsu

  • Sword of Fire: Have 100% friendship between Tenma, Shindou and Tsurugi.
  • Evolution: Have 75% friendship between Tenma, Shindou and Tsurugi.
  • Joker Rains: Have 75% friendship between Shindou and Tsurugi.
  • Sword Excalibur: Have 100% friendship between Hakuryuu and Shuu.
  • Zero Magnum: Have 75% friendship between Hakuryuu and Shuu.
  • Grand Fire: Have 75% friendship between Hiroto, Gouenji and Toramaru.
  • Tiger Storm: Have 50% friendship between Gouenji and Toramaru.
  • The Birth: Have 100% friendship between Hiroto and Fubuki.
  • Big Bang: Have 100% friendship between Hiroto, Fubuki and Kidou.
  • Jet Stream: Have 100% friendship between Gouenji, Toramaru and Endou/Fudou.
  • Koutei Penguin 3gou: Have 100% friendship between Kidou, Sakuma and Fudou.
  • Tatsumaki Otoshi: Have 50% friendship between Kazemaru and Kabeyama.

Catch hissatsu

  • God Catch: Have 100% friendship between Raimon's Endou Mamoru, second Raimon's Endou Mamoru and Inazuma Japan's Endou Mamoru
  • Omega The Hand: Have 100% friendship between Endou Mamoru (Raimon) and Endou Kanon.
  • Great The Hand: Have 100% friendship between Endou Mamoru (GO) and Matsukaze Tenma.

Block hissatsu

Dribble hissatsu

  • Killer Fields (Have 50% friendship between Inazuma Japan's Kidou Yuuto and Inazuma Japan's Fudou Akio)


Inazuma Eleven Strikers 2012 Xtreme! Opening01:32

Inazuma Eleven Strikers 2012 Xtreme! Opening


Inazuma Strikers 2012 Xtreme-Legendado00:15

Inazuma Strikers 2012 Xtreme-Legendado

【TVCM】『ストライカーズ 2012エクストリーム』2012 最強のプレイヤー篇00:15

【TVCM】『ストライカーズ 2012エクストリーム』2012 最強のプレイヤー篇



  • The game was released a day before the movie was.


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