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Raimon OB symbol
The Inazuma Eleven (イナズマイレブン, also known as Raimon OB) was once a legendary team. Their coach was Endou Daisuke who invented many hissatsu techniques which he wrote in his notebooks. Their captain was Hibiki Seigou, who later in the first season became Raimon's coach. Daisuke and all members of his team were in an accident before their match against Teikoku Gakuen because of interference with the bus, which caused them to stop playing soccer.
Young Inazuma

Young members of the team.


The uniform is different from the current Raimon. It is a dark purple with yellow stripes down the shorts, white socks and dark purple boots with yellow stripes. The Goalkeeper uniform is red instead of purple.


  1. Hibiki Seigou (GK/captain)
    Inazuma Eleven Team shadow

    Inazuma Eleven under Aliea Gakuen control.

  2. Ukishima Kazuto (DF)
  3. Kamimura Kirito (DF)
  4. Aida Chikara (DF)
  5. Batora Manabu (MF)
  6. Teira Tamotsu (MF)
  7. Ikari Gengorou (MF)
  8. Nakama You (MF)
  9. Tamiyama You (FW)
  10. Sugata Iwao (MF)
  11. Biruda Kouichi (FW)
  12. Atsuta Nao (DF)
  13. Kakeyama Ryuu (DF)
  14. Tsuchimori Kouji (MF)
  15. Kunikida Haito (FW)
  16. Michiba Ryouji (FW)
  17. Kageyama Reiji (Ex player)

    The Inazuma Eleven in the first game.

Temporary members

  1. Furukabu (GK/Temporary captain)


  • This team is the reason of the series' name.
  • Though Hibiki is the captain, he doesn't wear the captain's band.
  • Endou Daisuke used to be the coach of the team.
  • In the second game they are shown to be under the control of the Aliea Meteorite.