The Inazuma Eleven (イナズマイレブン) manga, is a manga adapted series of all of the Inazuma Eleven games. It is written and illustrated by Tenya Yabuno. It has been published by Shogakukan in the CoroCoro Comics magazine, since June 2008.


The manga is loosely based on the Inazuma Eleven games. It follows the Raimon Eleven team, led by Mamoru Endou, as they enter the Football Frontier tournament, and later on the Inazuma Japan team in the Football Frontier International. The manga for the original Inazuma Eleven series is 10 volumes long. The original series also includes 2 special editions targeted at the FFI arc.

The manga for the Inazuma Eleven GO series is 7 volumes long. The first and second volumes are about Tenma enrolling Raimon Junior High and discovering about The Fifth Sector, which controls Youth Soccer. The Fifth Sector sent Tsurugi Kyousuke, a SEED to destroy Raimon Soccer club, with no one, including the captain Shindou Takuto, able to do anything. However, Tenma is determined to join Raimon Soccer club and to do so would meant challenging Fifth Sector's authority. The third to sixth volume are about the Chrono Stone and the last is about Galaxy and so far the plot is similiar to the anime. Like the original series, GO series also includes two special editions, the first targeted at the GO plot while the second is a spin-off about Tenma VS Endou.


Mangacover vol.1

Volume 1

The manga has several differences with the games and anime storyline. These range from characters such as Otonashi or Domon being absent to plot points being completely ignored, such as the Aliea arc being completely dropped.

It also features a new character that never appeared in the anime but was unlockable in the games, Gorou Tamano, who plays in the Raimon Eleven as a midfielder.



Chapter 001: Rebirth of the legendary Inazuma!!!

Chapter 002: A Heartfelt pass to a team member!!!

Chapter 003: True strength's calling!!!

Chapter 004: An Eerie letter of challenge!!!
Inazuma eleven go manga

Inazuma Eleven GO Manga

Chapter 005: The curse that fallen on Raimon team!

Chapter 006: Crush the limit!!

Chapter 007: Awakening talented Gouenji!

Chapter 008: Intensive training camp! Road to championship!!

Chapter 009: Football Frontier begin!!

Chapter 010: Fighting spirit to cause Inazuma!!

Chapter 011: The fight beyond the forecast!

Chapter 012: Passion to victory!

Chapter 013: Crash! Kidou vs Gouenji!!

Chapter 014: Kick off Raimon vs Teikoku!!

Chapter 015: Teikoku trump motion of fear!

Chapter 016: Inazuma shot finals!!

Chapter 017: A new powerful enemy appears!!

Chapter 018: The Inazuma soul that is inherited!

Chapter 019: People against the power of god!!

Chapter 020: A crash!! Raimon vs Zeus

Chapter 021: The hard first half of the game!

Chapter 022: Genius join the competition!!

Chapter 023: The legend of Inazuma rebirth!!

Chapter 024: The next target FFI!!

Chapter 025: A Crash Endou vs Gouenji!!

Chapter 026: Game Selection is Finally Finished!!

Chapter 027: Inazuma Japan Taking the Field!!

Chapter 028: The Hidden Power of Toramaru!!


Chapter 001: The Teen who Calls Out Storm!!

Chapter 002: The Bonding Pass that Connects Raimon!!

Chapter 003: Showdown! Fifth Sector!!

Special Chapter: The Truth of God Eden

Chapter 004: The Man of Legend, Appears!!

Chapter 005: Clash! Team S!!

Chapter 006: Appearing! The Best Fusion Keshin!!

Chapter 007: Get back Free Soccer!!

Special Chapter: The Showdown of Dream! Endou VS Tenma!!

Chapter 008: Raimon's Soccer Club Disappears!?

Chapter 009: Go over Time! The Battle of Past and Future!!

Chapter 010: The Spirit of Inazuma, Begins Counterattack!!

Chapter 011: The Threat from the Future, Protocol Omega

Special Chapter 1: The Boy who Called the Revolution, Matsukaze Tenma!!

Special Chapter 2: Inazuma Eleven GO Gag Side Story

Chapter 012: Sealing the Man of Legend...!

Chapter 013: Set out! Assembling the Best Eleven of History!!

Chapter 014: Piercing! The Command of Belief!!

Chapter 015: The Powerful Heart to Support Friends

Volume covers



Chrono Stone

GO Galaxy

Special Edition


  • The manga-exclusive character, Gorou Tamano, replaces Sakichi Shishido in the FF arc. He later joins Inazuma Japan as a manager, somehow replacing Kakeru Megane and Fuyuka Kudou.
  • In early chapters, some hissatsu have a specific object or creature representing them: e.g.: Endou's God Hand has a devil similar to the Majin The Hand devil appearing behind him, and Gouenji's Fire Tornado has a flame dragon flying along with it.
  • This manga won the 2010 Kodansha Manga Award under children's category.