Inazuma 1gou (イナズマ1(ごう), Inazuma Ichigō, lit. Inazuma No. 1) is a combination shoot hissatsu technique.

Game description

Inazuma Eleven

  • "This coordinated shot attests to the strength of friendship."


  • Kidou Yuuto (Can be selected as a partner to perform this hissatsu along with Endou or Gouenji)


It was first used in the match against Mikage Sennou to shoot back Patriot Shoot and it scored. Later, in the match against Senbayama, it was used again but failed this time because of Mugen no Kabe.


Inazuma Eleven 2

Inazuma 1gou's manual can be bought in Okinawa's Hissatsu store for 2800 Nekketsu Points.


Two users run at the same pace near the ball. Then they both spin and appears to be switching position before shooting the ball towards the goal in unison, charged by yellow lightning energy.



Inazuma no.1

Inazuma 1gou in the game.



Inazuma Eleven Inazuma Ichigo (Inazuma One)00:11

Inazuma Eleven Inazuma Ichigo (Inazuma One)

Inazuma Eleven Strikers

HD イナズマイレブンストライカーズ イナズマ1号 Inazuma Ichigo00:05

HD イナズマイレブンストライカーズ イナズマ1号 Inazuma Ichigo

Inazuma Eleven Online

(イナズマイレブンオンン)Inazuma Eleven 3 Online Inazuma Ichigo00:17

(イナズマイレブンオンン)Inazuma Eleven 3 Online Inazuma Ichigo


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