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Inamori Asuto

Inamori Asuto (稲森(いなもり) 明日人(あすと)) is a forward for Inakuni Raimon and one of the three main protagonists of Inazuma Eleven Ares no Tenbin, along with Nosaka Yuuma and Haizaki Ryouhei. He previously played for Inakuni Soccer Club before it got disbanded.


Asuto has greyish hair which has two spikes that go onto his forehead and an outer spike of hair on the top left, bottom left, bottom right and two on the top right. He has average sized eyebrows and eyes which are a very dark green.

His casual look is a white t-shirt and a short-sleeved blue hoodie which has a zipper. He also has blue shorts and beige loafers.


He is a soccer-loving person, very much like Endou Mamoru and Matsukaze Tenma, and when his soccer got taken away from him he was very miserable and angry. He also has very strong feelings for his mother.


Asuto played soccer along with his teammates who were a part of Inakuni Soccer Club and decided to take a break after some training. Wanting to play a match against another team on the mainland, he and Michinari Tatsumi went to Fuyukai Suguru to suggest it but he then said that Inakuni Soccer Club was disbanded. Seeing some workers destroying their field, Asuto tried to stop them but failed as the workers kept pushing him asay from the field. While tending to his wounds, he received news from Hiura Kirina that he had to go to the hospital for his mother and he quickly went there. He arrived and was saddened by the fact that his mother was on the verge of dying while his mother instead was worried about his son's injuries and apologized to him for not able to see him grow, stating that she will be forever with him. After his mother died, he ran towards the cliff on Inakunijima and screamed it out while crying also. The next day, the former members of Inakuni Soccer Club and Kozoumaru Sasuke decided to move to Inazuma Town to be able to play soccer. They joined Raimon's soccer club under the name of Inakuni Raimon and while being at Inazuma Town, they stayed at the Kogarashi Manor, who is ran by Kazeaki Yone.





  • Asuto's birthday is on November 3.