Kanon time travel This article is about something of the Inazuma Eleven universe that has not yet been released. As such, it is a reflection of what is currently known about it, rather than a coverage as a whole.

This article is about the main protagonist team that appeared in the Ares no Tenbin series. For other uses, see the Raimon (disambiguation).

Raimon Ares Emblem

Like in the original Inazuma Eleven and Inazuma Eleven GO, the Inakuni Raimon (伊那国(いなくに)雷門(らいもん)) team is the protagonist team of Inazuma Eleven Ares no Tenbin.


The jerseys have yellow as a base colour, with yellow collars, and a bluish-green stripe in the form of a lightning bolt on the sleeves. It is matched with bluish-green shorts. The goalkeeper uniform is purple with bluish-purple sleeves, which have two purple stripes. This is fitted with purple shorts. Their socks are bluish-green with a yellow stripe at the top — except the goalkeeper's which is bluish-purple — with a white stripe at the top. On the uniforms, a lightning bolt is imprinted on them. The captain's band is colored red and all members wear bracelets consisting of the color yellow and blue.


  1. Umihara Norika (GK)
  2. Hiyori Masakatsu (DF)
  3. Mansaku Yuuichirou (DF)
  4. Okuiri Hiro (MF)
  5. Iwato Takashi (DF)
  6. Michinari Tatsumi (MF/captain)
  7. Hiura Kirina (MF)
  8. Hattori Hanta (MF)
  9. Goujin Tetsunosuke (FW)
  10. Inamori Asuto (FW)
  11. Kozoumaru Sasuke (FW)

Inakuni Raimon is sponsored by Island Kankou (アイランド観光).



  • Most of the players' designs are references to some people from Raimon and Raimon (GO).


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